Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Giving the Hobby of Home Brewing

Ties. Socks. Money clips. Father’s Day gifts are notoriously lacking. Instead of giving dad the same old golfing supplies this year, why not try introducing him to a new hobby: home brewing. For beer lovers, there’s nothing better than the ability to create their own brews right at home and getting started is not as hard as you might think.

mr-beer-premium-gold-edition-home-brewing-craft-beer-making-kitStarting With the Hobby

Homebrewing may sound pretty complicated as far as hobbies go. However there are now beginner kits that make brewing beer easy and accessible. One of the best ways to get brewing quickly is with one of Mr. Beer’s home brewing kits.

Mr. Beer offers a number of packages that will not only allow you to find the gift that’s right for your budget but also choose a starter flavor that your father or husband will love. Each brewing kit comes with a keg-style fermenting bucket and all of the ingredients needed to brew a batch of delicious tasting beer. Additionally deluxe kits include resealable plastic bottles perfect for keeping the brew fresh in the refrigerator until it’s ready for drinking.

If you want to go the extra mile with your gift, Mr. Beer offers dozens of flavors your loved one can make right at home. From malty Irish stouts to hop-heavy IPAs you’ll be able to find a recipe your beer lover will be excited to try. There are even flavors modeled after some of the most popular craft beers on the market, making those expensive six-packs a thing of the past.

Advancing in Home Brewingbrooklyn-brew-shop-beer-making-kit

When your home brewer is ready to take their hobby to the next level, there is plenty of room for them to grow. Of course this also means that there are additional gifts for you to buy down the road. If your loved one has outgrown their equipment, here are some ideas to keep them entertained.

In terms of skill, one step up from the Mr. Beer kits are those made by Brooklyn Brew Shop. Unlike the Mr. Beer kits that utilize hopped-malt extracts these kits require the brewer to manually mix all of their ingredients including grains, hops, and yeast. Brooklyn Brew Shop also offers some unique flavors for their brew kits such as Chocolate Maple Porter to Jalapeno Saison. If that’s a bit too adventurous for dad, you can’t go wrong with their standard Everyday IPA.

When your home brewer really wants to up their game they’ll also have to ramp up the size of their production. For that there are beer equipment kits from Home Brew Ohio. When coupled with ingredients such as True Brews Oktoberfest, Hefeweizen, or Pilsner sets, these supplies will allow your beer lover to not only brew five gallons at a time but also get to experiment and create their own beer. With dad brewing that much beer, be sure to pick him up some extra bottles to keep it all fresh and stored properly.

experimental-homebrewing-mad-science-in-the-pursuit-of-great-beerBrewing Books

No matter how skilled your father or husband gets at home brewing, there’s always more to learn. With that in mind adding books about the hobby to your Father’s Day gift is an idea he’s sure to appreciate. After all, just like every cook or baker needs a good cookbook, every home brewer could use some inspiration as well.

First up is The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian. This book will not only give dad a deeper appreciation for beer but also includes easy-to-follow recipes for him to try. In the same vein is James Houston’s Homebrewing: A Complete Guide on How to Brew Beer at Home. This book contains over a dozen recipes as well as other homebrewing resources that will come in handy as they grow with the hobby.

For those dads with a bit of a wild streak there’s Experimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer. In this book Drew Beechum and Denny Conn will teach your beer lover how to incorporate such items as bacon, peanut butter, and mushroom into uniquely brewed concoctions. Whether you choose to play guinea pig to these creations is up to you, but at least dad will have fun tapping into his creative side.

Give the Gift of Home Brewing

This Father’s Day why not give dad something he’ll actually enjoy: A home brewing kit. Your dad or husband will love gaining a new hobby and becoming part of growing community. Best of all, once you’ve initiated dad as a home brewer, you’ll have gift ideas for many holidays to come.


Brewing Cinco de Mayo Cervezas at Home

Even though Cinco de Mayo is a relatively small holiday for our southern neighbors, the fifth of May has grown into a celebration of Mexican culture here in America. Part of that celebration includes indulging in some of Mexico’s signature sprits such as margaritas and, of course, beer. For home brewers the holiday is a great chance to show off some of your homemade suds and treat your guests to some Cinco de Mayo cervezas.

mr-beer-aztec-mexican-cerveza-home-brewing-beer-refill-kitCerveza Recipes

When choosing the right beer recipe for your Cinco celebration, picking one that includes Mr. Beer’s Aztec Mexican Cerveza hopped-malt extract (HME) is kind of a no-brainer. With a label that easily calls to mind the popular Corona ads, the Aztec HME is low in IBUs (International Bittering Units) and is light-gold in color. While “cerveza” simply translates to “beer,” the Spanish term has now become synonymous with the Mexican-style brew that is captured in this can.

You really can’t go wrong with brewing a batch of the Aztec on it’s own, but if you want to spice things up there are a few other recipes you might want to try out. First is the Fresco Chili Lime Beer. In addition to the all the ingredients provided by Mr. Beer, this recipe also calls for lime zest and even jalapeños to create a truly original brew that will perfectly fit the holiday.

If spicy isn’t quite your thing perhaps you’d enjoy a little sweetness instead. In that case maybe a sample of Boysenberry Tart may be in order. The underutilized taste of boysenberry (which itself combines blackberry, loganberry, and raspberry) is highlighted in this beer and will go great with slice of lime in your beer.

Finally another great option is the Noche de Luna recipe. This beer displays a more amber complexion than its paler counterpart and also contains a bit more alcohol. Still this malty cerveza will set the mood for a perfect May evening.

Early Summer Brewsbarleyscaliforniadream

There are many different interpretations of when the summer season truly begins. Though technically the solstice doesn’t come until June 21st, unofficial kick-offs like Memorial Day or the movie blockbuster season (which usually starts the first weekend of May) mean that Cinco de Mayo is really just around the corner from summer. As the weather gets warmer here are some recipes that will serve you well when you need a cold one.

First up is the special edition recipe Barley’s Brew California Dreamin’. This unique beer not only includes vanilla bean and orange, but the recipe also calls for a little bit of vodka just to mix things up. Just like with their Saint Patrick’s Day collaboration, 10% of the profits from this Barley’s Brew will be donated to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Now that’s refreshing!

While May 5th is dedicated to Mexican culture, the rest of the summer can be dedicated to All American Gold. With a relatively low ABV, this balanced brew is perfect for hanging out on a hot day.

Speaking of America, let’s not forget that July 4th is the next big holiday on the horizon after Cinco de Mayo. With that in mind you may want pick up some Founding Fathers’ Ale to brew for the occasion. A beer light in color and bitterness, this home brew will go great with your Independence Day barbecue fare.


Whether you’re looking for something to brew for your Cinco de Mayo get together or are just getting ready a hot summer, these Mr. Beer recipes are great choices for showing off your home brewing skills. Remember: since each beer takes about two weeks to brew, be sure to order your cerveza recipes and your Mr. Beer home brewing kit before it’s too late. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Home Brewing For Saint Patrick’s Day with Mr. Beer

Not to be a buzz-kill, but the truth is that Saint Patrick’s Day has increasingly come to be known as amateur drinking night out at the bars. The great thing about being a home brewer is that you don’t need to deal with that scene. This year, why not brew some of your own beer for the occasion and invite some friends over to enjoy it with? Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Irish brew or some easy-drinking green beer, try some of these recipes for your Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.

Saint Paddy’s Recipes from Mr. Beer

What better to drink on Saint Patrick’s than a nice Irish stout? It just so happens that one of the hopped-malt extracts (HMEs) that Mr. Beer offers to home brewers is based on traditional Saint Patrick’s Day flavors. The company also offers a number of unique recipes based on that HME.

One such recipe is Barley’s Smoked Stout. Mr. Beer has introduced this recipe especially for the season as a modern take on what they call a “lost art” of brewing. Plus what’s great about this particular recipe is that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Haven Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Who knew you could brew something good and do some good at the same time?

For a real Irish original, try the Shillelagh Stout. This dark brew boasts a smooth malt taste with a slightly biter finish and also has a low ABV so you celebrate the holiday by tipping back a few.

Finally there’s the Double Black Diamond which gets its name partially from the fact that it contains two full cans of Mr. Beer Saint Patrick’s Day HME. Just like a double black diamond slope on a ski range, this beer promises a complex and original flavor profile. With notes of everything from chocolate and toffee to nuts and hops, this brew is sure to stand out from the pack at your Saint Paddy’s party.

Mr. (Green) Beer

Perhaps the only downside of enjoying a dark, malty, Irish beer on Saint Patrick’s Day is that it renders the tradition of dying the beer green nearly impossible. In that case, you may want to try one of Mr. Beer’s other great recipes that, with a couple of drops of food dye, will look just as festive as your guests will demand.

Some of the most popular beers on the craft beer market today also lend themselves nicely to a dye job: IPAs. Given the “pale” in “India Pale Ale” these hoppy favorites will not only please your guests’ eyes but their taste buds as well. One such recipe is the Surly Dog IPA, which packs a strong hop punch you’d expect from a good IPA.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more balance to the pallet, try Poor Richard’s Ale. Pale in color and low on alcohol, this brew is easy to drink and makes a great party option as a result.

When you think about it, Cinco De Mayo is really just right around the corner from Saint Patrick’s Day. This year, why not get a little creative and cross cultures by serving some green cerveza at your Paddy’s Day party? The Chug-a-lugger offers delicious malt flavors in a pale complexion built around Mr. Beer’s Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME.

Make It a Home Brewed Saint Patrick’s Day

This Saint Paddy’s, avoid the crowds and spend the night in with some delicious homemade beer. Thanks to Mr. Beer’s easy home brewing system, you’ll be able to impress your guests with these great Saint Patrick’s Day recipes. Just don’t be too surprised when they invite themselves over for Cinco De Mayo… and every holiday after.

Why Mr. Beer Kits Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it: guys tend to get the short end of the Valentine’s Day stick.  While girls can look forward to jewelry, candy, and a night out, what do you get your man for the holiday?  This year try surprising the beer-loving man in your life by getting him a Mr. Beer home brewing kit.

Mr. Beer Makes Valentine’s Day Gifting Easy

Home brewing may sound complicated but the Mr. Beer system makes it easy.  Forget the images in your head of large, expensive silos you’ve seen at big breweries; the Mr. Beer kits are simple and practical.  Each kit also comes with everything your beer lover will need to make their first batch of delicious brew. 

Depending on the kit you buy, the Mr. Beer system will include:

  • Keg-style fermenting bucket
  • Hopped-Malt Extract (HME) of various flavors
  • Yeast for fermenting
  • Resealable plastic bottles

With that all they’ll need is some water and basic kitchen utensils and they’ll be all set.  You could even read up on our guide to brewing beer so you can lead your new home brewer down the right path even if he refuses to ask for directions.

Home Brewing with Mr. Beer

Since it can be used again and again, the Mr. Beer home brewing kit is really the Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving. Home brewing is a hobby that is rapidly growing in popularity and gifting your beer fan with a Mr. Beer kit is great way to get them started.

Instead of getting your beer fan a six-pack that’ll be gone by the end of the week, why not get them a gift that will indulge their creativity and reward them for their efforts?  Not even the finest of craft brews include the sense of accomplishment and pride that brewing your own beer will give you.   

After their first beer creation is complete, it’s simple for them to get refills of the same brew or try something new.  As their skills increase, they’ll even be able to experiment with different techniques and flavors so be prepared to play guinea pig to your new home brewer.

Getting Him the Right Flavor

Want to really go for the Valentine’s Day crown this year?  Imagine how impressed your guy will be when you not only get him a Mr. Beer kit but also nail the perfect recipe for him to brew.

Mr. Beer offers several HME’s and hundreds of recipes to fit any taste.  Whether your man is an IPA fan or an international lager guy, you can get him a brew he’s sure to love.  For some more ideas, check out some of our recipe recommendations that are sure to please.

Want to combine two holidays into one?  Given the time it takes to brew beer at home, their first batch should be ready in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Why not try getting him some Irish stout to brew in celebration?

This Valentine’s Day, Give Him a Mr. Beer

The Mr. Beer home brewing kit is a clever and unique Valentine’s Day gift for your beer lover.  With its re-usability and variety of recipes to brew, it will also give you gift ideas for years to come.  Pick up a Mr. Beer home brewing kit for your beer fan today.

How to Make Beer: Getting Started With Home Brewing

Like many Americans, you may have wondered how your favorite beverage comes to be.  Sure you’ve seen the big steel containers and fancy equipment used by big breweries in commercials and at their restaurants, but did you know that you can also brew beer at your own home?

You may be surprised to learn how easy home brewing can be with the right equipment.  If you’re interested in getting starting with home brewing, one of the easiest and best ways is with Mr. Beer kits

We’ll take a look at how to make beer using the Mr. Beer brewing method.

The Basics of How To Make Beer

Home brewing can be broken down into three main steps:

    • Sanitizing
    • Fermenting
    • Carbonating

Sanitation is preparing your work area and tools to craft your beer safely.  Fermentation is the process of converting sugars in the malt into alcohol by adding yeast. Carbonating is adding the bubbles to your beer which is again achieved by yeast and sugar.

Though there are many ingredients that are used to create different kinds of brews, beer is created by mixing a few basic ingredients:

    • Water
    • Malt
    • Hops
    • Yeast

These ingredient are all contained in your Mr. Beer kit, making it easy to get started brewing. There are only a few other items you will need to get going.

What You’ll Need for Home Brewing

Mr. Beer home brewing kits come with almost everything you’ll need to make your first batch of beer.  Many kits include the fermenter, bottles, and all of the ingredients.  However, there are some other utensils you’ll need to get started:

    • A large pot
    • Can opener
    • A metal spoon
    • Measuring cup and measuring spoons
    • Rubber spatula
    • Resealable bottles or growlers (if your kit didn’t include any)

Additionally, you will need three gallons of refrigerated water and you may need some granulated sugar depending on your kit, but we’ll get to that later.  Once you have all of these supplies, it’s time to clean your kit and get ready to brew.

Sanitizing Your Home Brewing Kit

Before you can start to brew, all of your equipment must be properly sanitized.  This is important not only for health and safety but also because a lack of sanitation could lead to wild yeast that can affect your beer’s flavor.

The best way to sanitize your supplies is with the no-rinse sanitizer that comes with your Mr. Beer kit.  To use this solution, fill your keg fermenter or bucket with four quarts of warm water and mix in half a packet of the sanitizer.  You should stir until the sanitizer completely dissolves into the water.  Once it is dissolved you should seal the top so that you can slosh and shake it without water leaking out.  Make sure the solution touches every part of your fermenter.

Next it’s time to sanitize your utensils.  The easiest way to do this is by utilizing the solution from your fermenter bucket.  Fill a mixing bowl with the solution via the bucket’s spigot and place all of the utensils you’ll be using into the bowl.  Again, make sure that every part of each utensil gets sanitized by the solution.

Once this is done, you can drain the rest of the solution from your bucket.  Since the it is  a no-rinse sanitizer, you don’t need to worry about washing the bucket or utensils again.  With everything clean, your beer is ready to be created.

Mixing and Fermenting Your Beer

Mr. Beer utilizes a hopped malt extract (HME) that can then be mixed with water and yeast.  To get your HME ready to mix, place the can in a bowl of warm water.  While that’s preparing, the first step in the brewing process is bowling water.  You will need about four cups of boiled water to mix with the HME.

Once the water is boiled, remove it from the heat and pour the HME into the water.  This is where you may want to use a rubber spatula to make sure you get all of the HME out of the can and into your beer.  Stir the pot until the HME is properly dissolved into the water.

Next you will need to pour four quarts of refrigerated, non-distilled (tap or spring) water into the fermenter bucket. After adding the refrigerated water in, you can then add the HME water to the fermenter.  Finally, add in another four quarts of refrigerated water.  The basic “keg” models of the Mr. Beer system hold eight and half quarts of fluid.  For other size kits, refer to your instructions manual for proper measurements.

What you have just created — unfermented beer — is called “wort”.  Be sure to stir your wort until it is well mixed.  Then it is time to add the yeast to the top of the wort and seal your fermenter bucket.

Your beer will need to ferment for about two weeks.  During this time it will need to be placed in a cool, dark area of your home.  Mr. Beer recommends that it be held at a temperature of 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any cooler temperature won’t allow the beer to properly ferment while any warmer temperature could cause off-tastes.

The beer’s fermentation will be most active and visible during the the first five days.  In that time you will see foam accumulating atop the beer.  It might not look great, but don’t worry — it’s all part of the natural fermentation process.

After two weeks your beer should be just about done fermenting.  if it is done, the beer should not be cloudy or have any remaining yeast colonies.  If you think your beer is ready, then try tasting it.

If the beer is overly sweet, it will need more fermentation time.  If it tastes like flat (non-carbonated) beer, then it’s time to bottle your beer. 

Carbonating and Bottling Your Home Brew

Before bottling your beer, it is important to perform the same sanitation procedures for your bottles.  Using the other half of the no-rinse sanitizer packet, fill all of your bottles with warm water and solution and then dump them out.  Don’t forget to get the caps as well.

As you may have gathered by now, bottling your beer doesn’t quite mean it’s ready to drink yet as the bottling phase of the Mr. Beer process doubles as the carbonation phase. 

There are a couple of different methods of carbonating your beer.  The first is to utilize Mr. Beer carbonation drops included in some kits or sold on their website.  Another method is to simply add sugar to your beer, which the yeast will then turn into carbon dioxide.

This chart will help you determine the right amount of sugar or carbonation drops to add to your bottle:

Bottle Size

Table Sugar

Carbonation Drop

500 milliliter

1 teaspoon


750 milliliter

2 teaspoons


1 Liter

2.5 teaspoons


2 Liter

1.5 Tablespoons


12 ounces

.75 teaspoon


16 ounces

1 teaspoon


20 ounces

1.25 teaspoons


Note: Most Mr. Beer kits include 750 milliliter bottles.

When filling your bottles from the fermenter hold them at an angle to reduce aeration.  Also be sure to fill them to about an inch and half from the lip to allow room for the carbonation. 

Once you’ve filled the bottles place the caps on and invert them a couple of times but don’t shake.  The bottles will then return to the same dark, cool area that you kept your fermenter.  It will take another one to two weeks for the beer to fully carbonate.  When the bottles are firm to the touch — like when you purchase a plastic bottle of soda — the beers should be ready to go.  Just place them in the fridge for a day or two so they get to an enjoyable drinking temperature.

Congratulations! — You’re a Home Brewer

By follow these steps you’ve not only created a tasty beverage to enjoy but entered the world of home brewing.  With your first beer done, you now have an infinite selection of beers to brew right at home.  Mr. Beer offers hundreds of recipes on their site that include all of the ingredients you’ll need to make a delicious brew.

If you haven’t ordered your home brewing kit yet, what are you waiting for?  Getting started with home brewing is fun and easy.  Pick up a Mr. Beer kit today and see what kind of beer you can create.

Craft Beer Fan? Learn How Easy It Is to Brew Your Own Beer

Over the past decade the popularity of craft beer has skyrocketed with nearly 8% of beer purchased in the United States coming from craft breweries.  First there were micro-breweries then nano-breweries and now it is possible to brew your own beer right at home.

Brewing your own beer may sound like an overwhelming task, but the truth is that anyone can start brewing at home with just some basic supplies, some creativity, and some patience.

Supplies To Brew Your Own Beer

Before you can get started brewing, there are a number of supplies you will need.  These include:

– A Fermenting Bucket

– Means of Sanitation

– Ingredients (malt, hops, yeast, etc.)

– Means of Carbonation

– Resealable Bottles

– Various Utensils (large bowl, measuring cup,  spatula, etc).

Luckily, there are now many affordable home brewing kits that include most of these elements.  The most popular manufacturer of these kits is Mr. Beer which offers a variety of kits ranging in size and price. 

The Home Brewing Process

Though it’s probably the least exciting part of the home brewing process, sanitation is paramount in the creation of your beer.  Proper sanitation is not only important from a health safety standpoint but also because any bacteria or wild yeast could alter the taste of your beer for the worst.

Once everything is cleaned and sanitized, the brewing process can begin.  This involves combing hopped malts, water, and yeast.  As it ferments, the yeast will eat the sugars in the malt to create alcohol as well as carbon dioxide.  In order for this process to work, the bucket you store your beer in must be properly sealed.

Your sealed fermenting bucket should be placed in a dark area where the temperature is a steady 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperature is important because if the beer is too cold it won’t properly ferment and if it’s too warm it could create off-flavors.  During the process you will notice foam accumulating in your bucket especially in the first five days.  It may look a little disturbing but it is nothing to worry about, as it’s a part of the natural fermentation process. The full fermentation process takes about two weeks.

After two weeks it’s time to test your beer.  If it tastes overly sweet it may need more fermentation time.  Otherwise it should taste like flat (non-carbonated) beer.  If so then it’s time to bottle.

Bottling might sound like it’s time to drink, but that’s not quite the case.  The bottling process also doubles as the carbonation phase.  There are a couple of methods for achieving proper carbonation including using carbonation drops or adding sugar to the beer so that the yeast will create CO2 for you.  Either way the bottles should then go back to that dark, cool area for one to two more weeks.

When the bottles are firm to the touch, your beer should be properly carbonated.  You’ll probably want to refrigerate them for a day or two, but otherwise it’s ready to enjoy.  Congratulations home brewer!

Craft Your Beer

The great thing about home brewing is that once you have all of the tools you can brew again and again.  Plus there is no limit to the kinds of beers you can create with your new home brewery.

For example, Mr. Beer offers hundreds of beer recipes on their website for use with their kits. These packs include all of the ingredients you’ll need to make a delicious brew.  Some options include:




-Fruit Beers


Just because home brewing can start off easy doesn’t mean you can’t get more advanced with your hobby.  As you gain experience with home brewing your techniques, recipes, and equipment can be upgraded to meet your skill. 

Brewing Your Own Beer is Easy

Thanks in part to the craft beer revolution, home brewing continues to grow in popularity. Setting up your own home brewery is easier than you probably think.  Learning how to make beer at home will not only impress your friends but it could also save you money in the long run.  Check out some home brewing kits today and happy brewing.

Why Mr. Beer Brewing Kit is the Perfect Gift for Your Beer Lover

So you have a beer lover on your gift list. The logical question would seem to be “what beer should you get them?”

What if instead of getting them another case of beer that they’ll finish in a few weeks you got them something they can use for years to come? They say if you want something done right you have to do it yourself and the Mr. Beer home brewing kits help your beer lover brew the perfect beer each time.

Mr. Beer Home Brewing KitsEverything to Get Started Home Brewing

When you pick up a Mr. Beer kit for your beer fan they’ll be able to get started making beer right away.

The Mr. Beer home brew kits include:

  • Keg Fermenter
  • Bottles, Caps, and Labels
  • Pouring Spigot
  • Brewing Extract and Yeast
  • Carbonation Drops
  • No-Rinse Cleanser

Of course the kits also include complete instructions that will show them just how easy it is for anyone to brew the perfect beer.

After the first successful brew the fermenter and bottles can be reused (after proper sanitation) to make the next delicious project.  With the Mr. Beer home brewing kits you didn’t just give them a six-pack, you bought them a brewery. Best of all Mr. Beer has a full line of supplies and ingredients so your beer lover can create a variety of styles and flavors throughout the year.

Give Them a New Hobby – Home Brewing

Perhaps the best thing about a Mr. Beer kit is that it is only the beginning for your beer lover.  Home brewing is a hobby that is quickly gaining popularity.  It’s also one with nearly endless possibilities. 

Just as even the most skilled chef is always learning new techniques and flavor combinations to create the best dishes, your home brewer will grow to learn how to create unique beers and ciders they can call their own.  Of course Mr. Beer also has plenty of ideas to point them in the right direction.

Hundreds of Beer Recipes

There are hundreds of beers to choose on Mr. Beer’s website.  Each recipe pack comes with all of the ingredients you need to brew the perfect beer.  From hoppy IPAs to sweet malty stouts to fruity beers and even ciders, the Mr. Beer system allows home brewers to create whatever they want from their favorite beverages.

Why Mr. Beer Makes Such a Great Gift

While the Mr. Beer brewing process is clearly explained in the directions making it accessible to beginners, Mr. Beer is truly the gift that keeps on giving. A lot of thought was put into the design to make it easy for anyone to brew great tasting beer throughout the year.

The Key Benefits of the Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kits:

  • Makes Great Tasting Beer and Cider
  • Hundreds of Styles and Flavor Combinations
  • Fun and Easy Brewing Process
  • Easy Cleaning and Compact Design
  • Use it Over and Over Again for Great Beer Throughout the Year

Feeling of Accomplishment

There is something to be said about the feeling of satisfaction one gets from brewing your own beer.  In about four weeks your beer lover will not only have a delicious batch of brew to enjoy but a sense of accomplishment and perhaps a newfound appreciation for the brewing process.  That’s something they won’t be able to find in any liquor store.


The Mr. Beer brewing kit makes a great and unique gift for any craft beer drinker.  Starter kits come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that not only fits your recipient’s needs but also your gift giving budget.  Check out our Mr. Beer selection today to find the perfect gift for your beer lover.