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Not to be a buzz-kill, but the truth is that Saint Patrick’s Day has increasingly come to be known as amateur drinking night out at the bars. The great thing about being a home brewer is that you don’t need to deal with that scene. This year, why not brew some of your own beer for the occasion and invite some friends over to enjoy it with? Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Irish brew or some easy-drinking green beer, try some of these recipes for your Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.

Saint Paddy’s Recipes from Mr. Beer

What better to drink on Saint Patrick’s than a nice Irish stout? It just so happens that one of the hopped-malt extracts (HMEs) that Mr. Beer offers to home brewers is based on traditional Saint Patrick’s Day flavors. The company also offers a number of unique recipes based on that HME.

One such recipe is Barley’s Smoked Stout. Mr. Beer has introduced this recipe especially for the season as a modern take on what they call a “lost art” of brewing. Plus what’s great about this particular recipe is that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Haven Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Who knew you could brew something good and do some good at the same time?

For a real Irish original, try the Shillelagh Stout. This dark brew boasts a smooth malt taste with a slightly biter finish and also has a low ABV so you celebrate the holiday by tipping back a few.

Finally there’s the Double Black Diamond which gets its name partially from the fact that it contains two full cans of Mr. Beer Saint Patrick’s Day HME. Just like a double black diamond slope on a ski range, this beer promises a complex and original flavor profile. With notes of everything from chocolate and toffee to nuts and hops, this brew is sure to stand out from the pack at your Saint Paddy’s party.

Mr. (Green) Beer

Perhaps the only downside of enjoying a dark, malty, Irish beer on Saint Patrick’s Day is that it renders the tradition of dying the beer green nearly impossible. In that case, you may want to try one of Mr. Beer’s other great recipes that, with a couple of drops of food dye, will look just as festive as your guests will demand.

Some of the most popular beers on the craft beer market today also lend themselves nicely to a dye job: IPAs. Given the “pale” in “India Pale Ale” these hoppy favorites will not only please your guests’ eyes but their taste buds as well. One such recipe is the Surly Dog IPA, which packs a strong hop punch you’d expect from a good IPA.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more balance to the pallet, try Poor Richard’s Ale. Pale in color and low on alcohol, this brew is easy to drink and makes a great party option as a result.

When you think about it, Cinco De Mayo is really just right around the corner from Saint Patrick’s Day. This year, why not get a little creative and cross cultures by serving some green cerveza at your Paddy’s Day party? The Chug-a-lugger offers delicious malt flavors in a pale complexion built around Mr. Beer’s Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME.

Make It a Home Brewed Saint Patrick’s Day

This Saint Paddy’s, avoid the crowds and spend the night in with some delicious homemade beer. Thanks to Mr. Beer’s easy home brewing system, you’ll be able to impress your guests with these great Saint Patrick’s Day recipes. Just don’t be too surprised when they invite themselves over for Cinco De Mayo… and every holiday after.

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