Brewing Cinco de Mayo Cervezas at Home

Even though Cinco de Mayo is a relatively small holiday for our southern neighbors, the fifth of May has grown into a celebration of Mexican culture here in America. Part of that celebration includes indulging in some of Mexico’s signature sprits such as margaritas and, of course, beer. For home brewers the holiday is a great chance to show off some of your homemade suds and treat your guests to some Cinco de Mayo cervezas.

mr-beer-aztec-mexican-cerveza-home-brewing-beer-refill-kitCerveza Recipes

When choosing the right beer recipe for your Cinco celebration, picking one that includes Mr. Beer’s Aztec Mexican Cerveza hopped-malt extract (HME) is kind of a no-brainer. With a label that easily calls to mind the popular Corona ads, the Aztec HME is low in IBUs (International Bittering Units) and is light-gold in color. While “cerveza” simply translates to “beer,” the Spanish term has now become synonymous with the Mexican-style brew that is captured in this can.

You really can’t go wrong with brewing a batch of the Aztec on it’s own, but if you want to spice things up there are a few other recipes you might want to try out. First is the Fresco Chili Lime Beer. In addition to the all the ingredients provided by Mr. Beer, this recipe also calls for lime zest and even jalapeños to create a truly original brew that will perfectly fit the holiday.

If spicy isn’t quite your thing perhaps you’d enjoy a little sweetness instead. In that case maybe a sample of Boysenberry Tart may be in order. The underutilized taste of boysenberry (which itself combines blackberry, loganberry, and raspberry) is highlighted in this beer and will go great with slice of lime in your beer.

Finally another great option is the Noche de Luna recipe. This beer displays a more amber complexion than its paler counterpart and also contains a bit more alcohol. Still this malty cerveza will set the mood for a perfect May evening.

Early Summer Brewsbarleyscaliforniadream

There are many different interpretations of when the summer season truly begins. Though technically the solstice doesn’t come until June 21st, unofficial kick-offs like Memorial Day or the movie blockbuster season (which usually starts the first weekend of May) mean that Cinco de Mayo is really just around the corner from summer. As the weather gets warmer here are some recipes that will serve you well when you need a cold one.

First up is the special edition recipe Barley’s Brew California Dreamin’. This unique beer not only includes vanilla bean and orange, but the recipe also calls for a little bit of vodka just to mix things up. Just like with their Saint Patrick’s Day collaboration, 10% of the profits from this Barley’s Brew will be donated to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Now that’s refreshing!

While May 5th is dedicated to Mexican culture, the rest of the summer can be dedicated to All American Gold. With a relatively low ABV, this balanced brew is perfect for hanging out on a hot day.

Speaking of America, let’s not forget that July 4th is the next big holiday on the horizon after Cinco de Mayo. With that in mind you may want pick up some Founding Fathers’ Ale to brew for the occasion. A beer light in color and bitterness, this home brew will go great with your Independence Day barbecue fare.


Whether you’re looking for something to brew for your Cinco de Mayo get together or are just getting ready a hot summer, these Mr. Beer recipes are great choices for showing off your home brewing skills. Remember: since each beer takes about two weeks to brew, be sure to order your cerveza recipes and your Mr. Beer home brewing kit before it’s too late. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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